The Vital Green Farms story starts in 2004 when Joe and Caroline Mans started their dairy farm and dairy processing operation.

The idea to start the operation, came around when they had a hard time sourcing healthy, organic dairy products for their family. They then decided to take matters in their own hands and take care of their own dairy supply. The first dairy cows arrived.

Soon plans were made to go far beyond just the family’s dairy needs, as they wanted to share these great products with others. Vital Green Farms was born.


Starting in a small rented building, Vital Green Farms was the first organic dairy processing plant in Alberta. In the beginning the only products made were whole milk and plain yogurt. Because of the continuing requests for more and different products, we now offer a range of almost 20 different products in several sizes.

By 2008 the small plant was bursting at the seams and in October of 2008 the processing was moved to a brand-new processing facility on the farm. This eliminated a lot of driving back and forth and there was now an abundance of space to work in.


Currently there are about 65 cows being milked on the farm. Add to that the young stock and calves and it makes for a busy daily schedule. Over time the farm has maintained its family farm character, which is something we value highly.

Soil and crop care are of high priority on the farm because that is where the whole ‘milk journey’ starts. The farm owns 1 quarter section (64 ha.) of irrigated land, big part of which is pasture where the cows are free to graze during the summer months. The rest of the home quarter as well as another leased quarter section of dry land are in use for growing crops that are harvested for the animals’ winter supply of feed.